>>> AGM 2021

GOBLET & EMBnet AGM 2021

Bioinformatics Education & Training from 2012 and beyond

This year is GOBLET’s 10th anniversary, and EMBnet is glad to be the host of the AGM in this particular year. To commemorate this occasion, we have planned a series of events collaborating with the ELIXIR Italian Node, the Department of Computer Science of the Bari University, and the COST Action ML4Microbiome (CA18131). All events are open to any researcher interested in or working in the field of Education & Training in Bioinformatics or in microbiome analysis.

The Goblet & EMBnet AGM2021 will be run jointly and will take place from 11-13 October using the Zoom platform!

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CONFERENCE DAY #1 - 11 October 2021

12:00 - 16:30 (CEST)

Activity reports from GOBLET & EMBnet on specific initiatives and working groups

CONFERENCE DAY #2 - 12 October 2021

12:00 - 16:30 (CEST)

Young researcher's presentations & flash talks

CONFERENCE DAY #3 - 13 October 2021

12:00 - 16:30 (CEST)

Internal GOBLET and EMBnet meetings

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The AGM2021 will be followed by Bioinformatics Education & Training events

14 October 2021

ML4Microbiome Symposium

“Grand Challenges of Data-Intensive Science in microbiome & metagenome data analysis and training”. For info, please visit the Symposium website.

The focus of the Symposium will be on cutting-edge topics related to the analysis of microbiome data, emerging machine learning technologies and their application for the classification and standardization of sequencing data and associated metadata for the interpretation of their biological meaning.

15 October 2021

First Hackathon on

“Developing (FAIR) training materials for a lesson on how to develop (FAIR) training materials” – Organised by ELIXIR (Allegra Via and Patricia Palagi).

A hackathon organised in the context of the ELIXIR-GOBLET partnership and the ELIXIR Train-the-Trainer project. It aims at developing a lesson and related materials on how to develop FAIR training materials.

15 October 2021

ML4Microbiome Workshop

“Statistical and machine learning techniques for microbiome data analysis” (Organised by Eliana Ibhraimi & Domenica D’Elia) For info, please visit the workshop website.

A workshop aiming to introduce the audience to the main concepts of study design and statistical/machine learning techniques used in human microbiome studies. This event also fosters connections between discovery-oriented microbiome researchers and statistical\machine learning experts inside and outside the ML4Microbiome COST Action.

15 October 2021

EMBnet Tutorial

“Organising online bioinformatics courses using EMBnet Education & Training material: 4 level courses” (Organised by the EMBnet Education & Training Project Committee).

The Tutorial aims in helping and advising on the development of online bioinformatics courses through and education and training material.

We are looking forward to meeting you virtually very soon!